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A large part of Pink Floyd's live show is based on the always impressive visuals; on the Division Bell tour, they closed each show with an unprecedented laser extravaganza. Upload In order for the visuals and the music to coincide, the group needed to play the sets as tightly as possible, with little improvisation.

I gave 8 to this movie, the highest vote up to now. No, I don't like many movies, my taste isn't so 'easy'. I'm not going to tell you that this is a masterpiece. Actually, nothing spectacular here, but a simple, solid comedy/drama, with a reasonably realistic portrait of life in the Italian army from the perspective of soldiers doing their compulsory service. Me too, I did it, so I know what I'm talking about. The characters of Scanna and Fili are well built; their psychologies are well developed. We see so many little, stupid movies these days ('little' even if sometimes pumped with tons of money).

So far, 6 1/2 would be my vote. Because of the open ending. Because this movie reminds us that it's all about war. The army doesn't exist for anything else. Jokes, brainless things, and then, suddenly. Something completely unexpected could happen! Especially in Italy, we forget it too often.

Torrent Ita Soldato Blu

Almost always. We think to the military service as an incredibly boring year wasted doing completely senseless things in a crazy environment. Yeah, this is usually true (it has been so for me and all my friends, at least), but we absolutely must remember what it's all about: war.

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