Victor Sarasqueta Shotgun Serial Numbers

What is the date of this gun? Victor Sarasqueta. I have a victor sarasqueta No 4 s/s 12 bore serial No. I have a made in Spain 12Ga. Side by side shotgun Nickel. Matching pair of Victor Sarasqueta Side by Side Sidekick Ejectors S/H for sale in. A valid Firearms or Shotgun Licence depending on product you are buying. In need of TLC Safety Action Automatic Gun 2 Serial Number 225824 Chamber.

I have recently aquired a SxS sidelock shotgun by Victor Sarasquita (Spain). It would appear that you do not have this maker on your data base.

I am trying to find the date and model of shot gun serial NO: 220595. I have a book called Spanish Best by Terry Wieland 2nd edition. But it makes limited referance to serial numbers-dates of manufacture or models. This manufacturer closed their doors in 1981. Would you know where I might scource serial NO: - Dates of manufacture and perhaps some form of model identification.


Regards Kevscorner. Fs2004 ware ground textures for fsx freeware