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Here are (now hard-to-find) 10.4-compatible PPC versions of Azureus: v2.0.4.2 is definitely before adverts were injected into the programme, and may also be pre-advert era. Azureus is a very robust client, and IMHO, far better than Transmission. It is also discontinued, as at some point, the developers started loading it with adverts, and people stopped using it. The older versions were sans-advert, but the devs tried to erase them from existence, so I keep a mirror of them.

Vuze mac os x 104 11 download pc

These should also work on 10.3 (Panther), and 10.5 (Leopard); and possibly on earlier versions of OSX, and on Snow Leopard via Rosetta. The UI is very similar to µTorrent, with similar features, and setting options. While later versions became bloated, the earlier release were very usable, and they support automated blocklists, custom port mapping, and encryption.

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