Walther P38 Serial Numbers Lookup

Walther and Luger were the handgun providers to the German Army in World War II. Designed by Fritz Walther, Walther pistols were well-designed, reliable 9-mm firearms that were cheaper to produce than the Luger P08.

Although Walther designed and manufactured the P38, Mauser and Spreewerke also produced them to keep up with wartime demand. Production of the P38 ended with the war. However, in 1957, Walther manufactured a similar pistol, called the P1. Although there are specifics to look for, depending on the manufacturer, the P38 is an easily identifiable firearm. • Examine the P-38. Template With the pistol pointing to your left, look at the main metal assembly holding the barrel, with the trigger directly underneath.

On the extreme left, 'P38' is stamped into the metal. On the first issue, or '0' series, the trademark Walther banner is found at the extreme left, immediately followed by 'P38.'

• Locate the manufacturer codes. After the P38 designation, an alpha, or alpha-numeric stamped designation is found. All Walther-produced P38s are designated AC, followed by the final two digits of the year manufactured. A 1943 Walther P38 is identified by AC43. Mauser-produced P38s were stamped BYF.

Fortunately, given the historical background of Walther pistols, there are books available that list many of the serial numbers of the guns that were produced by Walther. Find the gun's serial number. The serial number can be located in any one of several places on the gun, depending on which gun you possess. Torrent mame 32 full version4749589. Nov 04, 2007  Generally speaking, and with some exceptions, it is pretty straightforward to correlate postwar P38 serial numbers with the date of manufacture, which began in 1957 @ s/n 1001 and ended in the early 1990s @ around s/n 475,000.

Followed by the date, while Spreewerke models were stamped either CYQ or CVQ. • Measure and weigh the P-38. Using a machinist's ruler and a small scale, measure and weigh the P38. According to Wehrmacht-Awards, the P38 is 216 millimeters long, with a barrel length of 125 millimeters.


An unloaded P38 should weigh 800g, or 1.76 pounds. • Identify the serial numbers.


After the manufacturer stamping, the serial numbers are stamped to the right of the pistol, above the handle. Each year and manufacturer had a different serial number system. The first-issue P38s in 1940 had serial numbers that ranged from 01 to 01000. However, 1943 models ranged from 1 to 9999n.

Mauser and Spreewerke P38s changed their system from year to year, with each year being unique. To identify P38 serial numbers, reference a P38 serial number listing, such as the one found on the Ole' Army Joel site. Zero models run from 01-013000, with the Walther banner.

Walther P-38 The Walther P-38 was the world’s first militarily acceptable double-action pistol and is so advanced that every modern military (and most civilian) double-action pistols are patterned after it. It features: • Double or Single action modes • Fixed military sights • Loaded chamber indicator • Complete with all original NAZI military markings Presented here in a Collector’s Presentation Case, the P-38 comes in a French-fitted American Walnut presentation case that is serially numbered with the P-38’s serial number, forever tying them together! The case has a serially numbered Knights Cross that rests below the barrel. The inside is lined with heavy red velvet. The Presentation Grade P-38 is a tribute to engineering excellence, not to the governments that used it. Model Number Description Price in USD P38 Presentation Grade P38 includes French-Fitted, Velvet Lined, Walnut Presentation Case serially numbered to match the P38, with serial numbered Knights Cross and Owner’s Manual matching the P-38 serial number.

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