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The new UI isn't all that new or good, it's at best a bad coat of paint. If it was awkward or bad in Pro 7.0, it's still awkward and bad in 8. None of the new plugins seem to work outside of it (though I didn't even try the effects just.

There is a force rescan option in the plugin manager window however if that doesn't fix it for you I have found this method will completely erase the plugin history and reload it fresh based on what is currently in your VST folder: You need to find this file acidpro.plugincache It's an XML file and is hidden so you may need to enable viewing of hidden folders/files in your search parameters once found delete it. This is basically the information that tells ACID what plugins are there and it stays in your system even if you delete and reinstall ACID which is why you sometimes end up with duplicates etc as it keeps getting added to and a reintsall of ACID doesn't fix it. Make sure all of your VSTs are in c: Program Files VSTPlugIns Now restart ACID. Hello again, BP.

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Thanks for the detailed assist. I had already tried the Plugin Manager's Force Rescan as you suggest, but to no avail. I cannot locate file acidpro.plugincache. Setting: Folder Options > Advanced > Show hidden files and folders ON Searched entire C: but found only these two XML files, searching broadly based on wildcarded *acid*: C:Program Files.0 acidpro.seed.xml C:Program FilesSony SetupSONY ACID Pro 7.0maincab acidpro.seed.xml I see a few other XML files in the search list, so I'm sure my search can see them (XMLs are not hidden). Is it possible that acidpro. Seed is the correct XML file, rather than acidpro. OK try this open mycomputer folder Click: Tools-> Folder Options -> view (tab at the top) Select/Check: Display the Contents of System Folder Select: Show Hidden files and folder Click: Apply Close the dialogue box Now go back to the my computer folder Click: C -> Documents & settings -> select the active user profile (not administrator but whatever your user is) -> Local Settings -> Application Data -> Sony -> Acid Pro -> 7.0 in that final folder is where acidpro.plugincache is located That works on my XP system anyway.

Bristol P == Thanks very much. Art cam crack download. I did find the file by following the path you provided. For other readers, that path is as follows: C: Documents and Settings User (per your system) Local Settings Application Data Sony ACID Pro 7.0 acidpro.plugincache.xml I'm pretty well versed in Windows XP but something has occured that I've never seen happen before: Windows Search will not find the file if I search from the Local Settings level of the path, or any level higher in the path. C: Documents and Settings User Local Settings Application Data Sony ACID Pro 7.0 acidpro.plugincache.xml Windows Search will find the file if I search from the Application Data level or any lower/deeper level in the path. C: Documents and Settings User Local Settings Application Data Sony ACID Pro 7.0 acidpro.plugincache.xml VERY STRANGE. I can't imagine why Windows Search cannot find the file until I drill down to at least the Local Settings subfolder - and search that directory and its subdirectories.