Radio Shack Pro 62 Owners Manual

The Radio Shack PRO-60 Programmable Scanner lets you in on all the. Disables the keypad (except for the SCAN, MANUAL,. (160 x 62 x 54 mm). Oct 20, 2015 - repair manual emerson dvd vcr combo ewd2204 dvd+vcr.pdf trango cinch manual.pdf student visa f1 interview questions and answers.pdf the.

) type systems, which are extensively used in many communication systems. Trunk ing commu nicati ons system s let a large group of 2-way radio users (or even different groups of 2-w ay rad io use rs) effi cie ntl y use a set of frequencies. Instead of sel ect ing a spe cifi c freq uen cy for a transmission, the user simply selects a talk group. The trunking system autom atical ly transm its the call on the first available frequency, and also sends a code that uniquely identifies that transmission.


Since the trunking system might send a call and its response on different frequencies, it is difficult to listen to trunke d communications using a regular scanner. The trunking scanner monitors the data sent with a 2- way radio transmission, so you can hear the call and response for that user and more easily follow the conversation. The scanner also lets you scan conventional transmissions, and is preprogrammed with service search banks for convenience. By pressing a single button, you can quickly search those frequencies. About Y our Scanne r. 15 About the Keypa d.


16 Quick Sta rt. 19 Understanding Banks. 19 Channel Storage Banks. 19 Search Ba nks.

20 Understanding You r Scanne r's Mo des. 21 Motorola Mode.

21 EDACS Mo de. 23 Open and Closed Modes. 25 Operat ion. 26 Turning on the Scanner and Setting Squelch. 26 Storing Known Frequencies into Channe ls. 26 Storing Trunking Frequencies into Channe ls.

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28 Storing T ext T ags. 29 Finding and Stor- ing Active Frequen cies. 32 Listening to the Weathe r Ban d. 39 Using Frequency Copy. 41 Scanning the Channe ls.

43 Spe cial Fe atures. 45 Using the Delay Functio n. 45 Locking Out Channels or Frequen cies. 45 Priority. 47 Changing the Receive Mode. Using the Attenu ator.

50 Turning the Key Tone On and Off.. 51 Using the Display Backlig ht. 51 Using the Keyloc k. 52 Changing the Display Contra st. 53 Cloning the Programmed Data.

53 Trunking. 54 Trunking Operat ion. 54 Understanding Trun king. 55 Setting Squelch for the Trunking Mode. 56 Programming Trunking Frequ encies. 56 Programming Motorola Trunking Systems (UHF-Lo). 58 Programming Motorola Trunking System (800 MHz).

60 Programming Fleet Maps. 60 T alk Grou p I Ds 62 Storing Talk Group ID s. 62 Talk Group ID Hold. 64 Turning an ID Sub-Bank On or Off. 65 Locking Out Talk Group ID s. 65 Delay Function in ID Indication Mode.