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Contents • • • • Creating a PDF [ ] From the left sidebar, under Print/export, select Download as PDF. Bcg matrix examples. The rendering engine starts and a dialog appears to show the rendering progress.

When rendering is complete, the dialog shows 'The document file has been generated. Download the file to your computer.' Click the download link to open the PDF in your selected PDF viewer.

PDFs are rendered in two columns. The last page(s) include 'Text and image sources, contributors, and licenses' listing all of the contributors, 'Images' listing all of the images used in the article, and 'Content license' listing the article licensing.

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Links within the article and to external sites are preserved. If you have PDF software, you can use it to create a PDF which may give more control over the output. Mobile devices will default to the Mobile view which does not include Download as PDF in the sidebar. To enable it, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Desktop.

PDF viewers [ ] To view the PDF you must have a browser that directly supports PDF viewing or an application installed on your computer. For browser support, see.

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