Myphone Pinoy Content Free Download

Myphone pinoy content free download version

'Want to play pinoy contents on your myphone you need to install it first.' Source: How to get pinoy content because in the pinoy it appears that it`s free?

In accessing Pinoy Content on your phone, please make sure that your phone is compatible with that so that you can see the content. You should have at least 2GB of memory card. M-flo wiki.

Since the Pinoy Content is not downloadable on their site, i don`t know if they deleted it already. Here`s some contents that was uploaded on a mirror site. NOTE: (Replace '*` with 'a' due to bad content) MP3 r MP3 r MP3 r.r*r MP3 r MP3 r MP3 r MP3 r MP3 r PINOY r PRAYERS r Once you`ve downloaded those contents.

Make a new folder then name it 'Pinoy' or anything you want and extract the content of files that you downloaded in this folder. After it connect your phone to your PC using usb cable and access as Mass storage. Just Copy & Paste the folder where you extracted the files on your device`s storage. Hope it helps you! SOURCE: ( rich201026, (December 03, 2010, 10:55:06 AM), RE: how to install PINOY CONTENTS on my phone cell, Retrived from ). Hello, to activate/install pinoy contents in your phone make sure you have first a free space on your phone minimum of 2Gb of space, now lets go with the steps of installing your pinoy content.

Myphone pinoy content free download full

First using a usb cable connect the phone in your computer securely if there is a selection in your phone select mass storage. Then open my computer and look for the drive of your phone and open it. Create a new folder and name it Pinoy. Now on copy the contents that you have downloaded and transfer it to the folder you just created. Copy first the Pinoy folder that you download followed by the prayer folder and last the mp3 folder.

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