Emulyator Usb Klyucha Dlya Cnckad

Mar 8, 2018 - Dongle emulator can sidestep USB dongle key or parallel equipment key. CncKad Metalix 16 Sentinel HL Dongle Crack / Clone / Emulator. Vuescan ubratj vodyanie znaki crack. May 9, 2010 - This is only a memory dump file, to make an emulator you need Dump + Q/A (maybe from USBtrace or bushound) Also you should know that.


Thanks for visiting Larry's home page, devoted to programming sphere and software protection research. Here you will find my own and foreign programs, intended for public use, different software research tools and other information, concerning software investigation. In the Services Section you can make request for dongle's emulator creation. Supported Dongles: HASP, Hardlock, Guardant, Sentinel, Eutron SmartKey, Rockey, Dinkey, GV-Series USB Protector. It is possible for us to create emulators designed for the latest donles' models such as HASP SRM (Sentinel HASP), Guardant Stealth III, etc.

The custom dongle research is assumed. Please, pay your attention that we aren't engaged in software and utilities distribution, suitable for software cracking (patches, key generators, loaders etc.). We are ready to help if you are a licensed user of the program, but you can't use the original hardware key on your computer for some reason. Working with us and using our website services, you can benefit from effective cooperation, the fast decision-making and the first-class technical support. We are glad to work with you!