Alcatel Bts Installation And Commissioning Pdf

Alcatel bts installation and commissioning pdf free

Bts Installation Manual And Commissioning Alcatel Bts Installation And Ericsson Bts Commissioning Guide If you wish a book called Ericsson bts. RBS2111 Hardware Installation Technology Video The Radio Base Station 2000 (RBS 2000) is Ericsson's second generation of RBS, developed to meet. Ericsson Bts Installation Manual Download/Read.

Alcatel Bts Installation And Commissioning Pdf

Bts commissioning (alcatel lucent) • 1. Switch OFF the BTS cabinet and disconnect Abis connectors fromDDF before offline start • Disconnect the Abis connectorfrom The DDF • Switch ON the BTS cabinet breakers and connect the Laptop with BTS • User Name “COMMTE” Password“COMMTE” • Communication Port setting • OR • After connecting this windowwill be appear • Go toConfiguration-> BTS-SW Download-> to download BTS software • After BTS- SW downloadthis window will appear • Go to offlineFiles and select First File of Master File. • Go to offlineFiles and select First File of DDL file.

• Click ok to startdownloading SW • BTS software starts to download. • All these Files aredownloaded • Go toConfiguration BTScommissioning • Click startcommissioning • Edit Qmux Address • Edit sector Mapping • Check AllTwin TRE’s. • Click EndCommissioning Click > Hardware setting>>BeginHW modification • Go to configuration> BTS commissioning Go to start commissioning> Edit Q1Address, Edit SectorMapping and Twin TRA setting as in offline. • Go toconfiguration> Hardware setting>“EndModification” to end onlinecommissioning • Online commissioning steps Connect the Abis connector at DDF by verifying Tx/Rx cable properly. OML will be established after primary Abis has connected to DDF. Give hard reset to BTS after OML has established. Put site on Downloading from OMC. O&M will be established as downloading completes. Connect Laptop to BTS MMI port. Go to configuration>Hardware setting>Begin Hardware modification.

• Online commissioning steps Go to configuration>BTS commissioning>start commissioning. Edit Qmux Address Edit sector mapping Check all Twin TRA setting. Click end commissioning and shift all modules from selected modules to available modules. Go to configuration>Hardware setting>End Hardware modification. Click “yes” when an automatically hardware modification window appears. Hw Audit will be run and all Hardware will be shown after sometime. • ON Line Commissioning Completed Successfully. • Software components combiner Fan UnitHardwareShown insoftware window Tre’s clock Alarm card • Alarmswindow • Transceivers Shown in window • Transceivers Types Four type of Transceivers in Alcatel Equipment TRAGE>Gsm Single TRE TRADE>Dcs single TRE TGT09>Gsm Twin TRE TGT18>DCS Twin TRE TAGHE>Windows server 2008 r2 activation crack free download. High power TRE • VSWRShown in window • Sectors ShownIn window • Station units • BSC SBLs(security block levels)BTS OM & Sectors.Sec RSLs can be unlock from local Terminal.