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SETARA Institute is an organization which was established by 28 individuals whose goal is to realize equal community. One of its concerns is to actively ensure abolishment of religions/beliefs intolerance and discrimination in Indonesia. Religious/beliefs freedom is national fundamental right that is recognized by the constitution of the Republic of Indonesia as well as by International Convention of Political and Civil Rights that has been ratiied by Indonesia on Ordinance No. 12 the Year 2005.

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As human rights and constitutional rights, religions/beliefs freedom holds the government to account of ensuring the freedom and of punishing whoever tries to violate the freedom. The nation’s success level on ensuring the freedom is measured on two ways. Firstly, the government has to retain them selves from taking any measures that can aggravate individual’s or group’s rights execution (abstain). Thus, this mandatory principle is negative obligation. Secondly, the government protects human rights from any threats or actions by non-state organization.

This is positive obligation. Discriminated parties, religious minority in particular, require the government to carry out this obligation. El rascacielos ecologico ken yeang pdf to jpg.

In general, the government has to assure that these rights are not violated by third parties. Omega 2 computer. However, the Indonesian government practically intervene religious matters.

On the contrary, the government helplessly fails to present them selves at bringing those who are responsible of intolerance, discrimination, and violence to court.