Avic Hd3 Firmware Update

AVIC-Z1 and Z2 Firmware Update Download System Firmware Update Instructions for Model AVIC-Z1/AVIC-Z2 IMPORTANT: Please download & print the (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 210kb) for your reference when downloading and installing the firmware update. It is very important that you complete all steps correctly and in the order described below.

The data saved or recorded onto your navigation system by the customer cannot be guaranteed. Lost data that was saved or recorded by the customer is not guaranteed. Note: If you have any difficulty carrying out these instructions, please contact Pioneer Customer Support Center. Toll Free in USA 1-800-421-1404 Before updating Please check your system version and confirm the correct update file for your system. Then you can see your map version number on the screen. Please click if your 'Version' shows '01.0000'. You will go to the 'Z1firmwareupdate.zip' download page.

Avic hd3 firmware update download

I have been trying to find the solution for the firmware update for AVIC-Z1 & Z2 for a while, because my AVIC-Z2 was victim of that upgrade failure problem for a while and it was a costly paper weight.

Please download the file to your computer. Or, use update disc part number: GXY1016 and go to Step 4. Please click if your 'Version' shows '02.0000'. You will go to the 'Z2firmwareupdate.zip' download page.

Please download the file to your computer. Or, use update disc part number: GXY1017 and go to Step 4.

Downloading the Firmware Update Step 1 Once you have downloaded the file to your computer, locate the file on your computer and double click the file to decompress it. If you do not have a decompression utility installed on your computer, you can download WinZip at.

Step 2 Open the decompressed folder which named 'Z2 firmware update' or 'Z1 firmware update'. Then you can find a 'AVICZ1_HD1' folder and 'Basefile.dat' file in it. Step 3 Copy the 'AVICZ1_HD1' folder and 'Basefile.dat'on your CD-R. *Note: Ensure these objects are located on the top layer of the CD-R.

Make sure that your CD-R follows these specifications as follows; - You can only use a CD-R finalized with single-session format. - You can only use a CD-R finalized with 'Mode-1' format.

Installing the Firmware Update into your AVIC-Z1/Z2 Step 4 Please load this CD-R into your AVIC-Z1/Z2. The system will automatically start the update process in 1 minute.

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While your navigation system is being updated, do NOT turn off the power to the navigation system. Severe damage to your navigation system could result from your failure to obey this warning, including but not limited to the loss of all content/data that is stored on the Hard Disc Drive (such as song files ripped from CDs as well as address book entries and other user information).

If your system do not reboot and start the update process, then please check your system and CD-R as follows: •. Confirm that your system correctly shows information as below: AVIC-Z1: PlatformVersion: 1.000700 HDD Application Version: 1.050000 AVIC-Z2: PlatformVersion: 2.000500 HDD Application Version: 2.140000 Step 7 Please eject the CD-R from the system. The car navigation system is now ready for use. If you have any questions, please contact Pioneer Customer Service toll free at 800-421-1404.

Pioneer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Time).

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