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Building And Engineering Contracts By B S Patil Pdf Printer. Building and Engineering ContractsRevised and Enlarged FIFTH EDITION BY B. (Civil), LL.B., RLE., M.I. About the Author: B S Patil is a contracts and arbitration consultant based at Pune.

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“Law of Contracts” by B S PATIL contains more than 11,000 judicial decisions. It covers the following topics exhaustively: Formation of contracts; Principles for interpretation of contracts; Contracts which arc legal and enforceable; Performance of contracts; Enforcement of contracts; Frustration of contract; Novation of contract; Breach of contract and damages; Law of Guarantee; Law of Agency; Law of Bailment. Law relating to Blacklisting. Great emphasis is placed on the law relating to Building and Engineering Contracts and the appendices include the general conditions of contract of reputed engineering organizations like CPWD, PWD, MES, as well as the latest and updated FIDIC conditions of contract. Acclaimed by the readers and critics as the most authoritative and authentic book with clarity of thought, lucidity, exhaustive, accurate with constructive suggestions and remarkable style. Divide and destroy v 5 7 warcraft 3.

For example, All India Reporter Review of the fourth edition read: “The book is an excellent guide for the contractors, Engineers, Project officers, businessmen, builders, architects others contemplating to engage the services of those persons or agencies The book has been made more useful by providing information and instructions in respect of the international contracts and also new case law.The cases are selected from the Courts in India, Australia, New-Zealand, Canada, south Africa, U.S.A. The book is indispensable to all engineers associated with invitation, scrutiny and acceptance of tenders for the public works. It will also serve the needs of the Bar and the Bench involved in deciding cases relating to construction industry. The Style and manner of presentation of the information is constructive and cross-references are given where necessary.

The book deserves high tribute from those for whom it is written.” The latest 6th edition includes the latest reported cases up to 2010, retaining and improving upon all the features of the earlier editions. The contents reflect the author’s dedicated study of the subject and experience gained in the field of construction contracts for over three decades.

About author - had a brilliant academic career. After securing bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering in First Class with Distinction and ranked second in order of merit, he passed LL.B. In first class and ranked first in order of merit. After getting experience in civil engineering for 20 years, he started legal practice exclusively in engineering field as contracts and arbitration consultant. After critical study of thousands of judgements and in the light of his personal knowledge and experience of over 32 years, he. Trained and accredited as Conciliator by Forum for Effective Dispute Resolution, U.K., he is Chairman and Managing Director of Patil Forum for Dispute Resolution. His activities include training conciliators, acts as arbitrator and Counsel.


He is the author of famous engineering books, like Building and Engineering Contracts,Law of Arbitration and Concliation, Civil Engineering Contracts and Estimates.