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Annex I Model for seafarers' identity document 1. Subject to the overriding requirements of Article 3 of this Convention, the seafarers’ identity document (SID), whose form and content are set out below, shall – with respect to the materials used for it and the presentation and storage of the data that it contains – conform to the mandatory requirements for an electronic machine-readable travel document contained in International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Doc 9303 on machine-readable travel documents, with full consideration being given to any relevant recommendations or advice in that document. The term “Doc 9303” shall be understood as referring to the Seventh Edition, 2015, as published by ICAO and as it may subsequently be amended in accordance with the related procedures of ICAO. References in this Annex to particular provisions of Doc 9303 refer to the Seventh Edition, but shall be understood as also referring to the corresponding provisions of any subsequent edition. The Director- General of the International Labour Office may from time to time, as requested by the Governing Body, prepare guidance for Members as to the specific provisions of Doc 9303 to be taken into account. The SID shall be an electronic machine-readable identity document with physical characteristics as described in Section 2 of Part 3 of Doc 9303, “Specifications Common to all Machine Readable Travel Documents”. The printing and typefaces used in both the visual-inspection zone and the machinereadable zone shall be as described in Sections 3 and 4 respectively of Part 3 of Doc 9303.


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The SID shall include a contactless integrated circuit, with a data storage capacity of at least 32 kilobytes, encoded and digitally signed in accordance with Parts 9, 10, 11 and 12 of Doc 9303. The contactless integrated circuit shall meet all the requirements for the Logical Data Structure (LDS) set out in Part 10 of Doc 9303 but shall contain only the mandatory data elements required in that Part. The privacy of seafarers’ data stored in the contactless integrated circuit shall be protected by a Chip Access Control mechanism as described in Part 11 of Doc 9303. Data stored in the LDS shall be limited to the metadata and files required for the operation of the chip and its security features, as well as the following data elements, which are already visible, in the sense of eye-readable, in the visual-inspection and machine-readable zones of the SID: • (a) in data group 1 of the LDS: a duplication of the machine-readable zone data, referred to below; • (b) in data group 2 of the LDS: the biometric representation required by Article 3, paragraph 8, of this Convention, which shall comply with Part 9 of Doc 9303 for the “Primary Biometric: Facial Image”. Edirol super quartet download. This facial image of the seafarer shall be a copy of the photograph referred to in (o) below, but compressed to a size in the range of 15–20 kilobytes; and • (c) the Document Security Object that is needed to validate the integrity of data stored in the LDS using the ICAO Public Key Infrastructure defined in Part 12 of Doc 9303. The SID shall be protected from tampering, photograph substitution or other fraudulent activity by adherence to the requirements of Part 2 of Doc 9303, “Specifications for the Security of the Design, Manufacture and Issuance of MRTDs”.

It shall be protected by at least three physical security features from the list contained in Appendix A to Part 2 of Doc 9303. Examples of such security features are: • - optically variable features () in the substrate or laminate of the identity document; • - tactile features () in the substrate of the identity document; • - laser-perforated features () in the substrate; • - two-colour guilloche design () in the background of the identity document; • - microprinted text () in the background; • - ultraviolet fluorescent ink; • - ink with optically variable properties; • - steganographic image () incorporated in the identity document. Annex II Electronic database The details to be provided for each record in the electronic database to be maintained by each Member in accordance with Article 4, paragraphs 1, 2, 6 and 7 of this Convention shall be restricted to: Section 1 • 1. Issuing State as written in the visual-inspection zone of the seafarers’ identity document (SID). Full name of seafarer as written in the visual-inspection zone of the SID. Unique nine-character document number assigned to the SID. Date of expiry, or suspension, or withdrawal of the SID, written in the format DDbMMbYYYY, where “b” is a single blank space (for example, ).

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