Galaxy Wars Resource Pack

Jul 11, 2017 - The resource pack is designed for add-on 'Galaxy Space' in the realistic style and of the popular Saga 'Star wars'. (Yellow edition).

December 7, 2018 The DustStorm Galaxy PvP Resource Pack is going to raise some of the PvP experience if you select to try the pack out. However, one thing that should be mentioned is that this specific art style which is used in the pack is not a suitable choice for each and every individual. However, if you are satisfied with the art style of the different textures, the PvP experience will be improved with the resource pack in a significant manner. The DustStorm Galaxy PvP comes with the intergalactic themed art style which confers an amazing and appealing look which is loved by a wide assortment of people. As you take a look at the pack, you will understand that the primary focus is on the dark purple color. This is due to the fact that it is the color of a plethora of things that are scattered around the space.

Another reason why this pack is liked by people is due to the fact that it is capable of managing the removal of different noticeable noise from every single texture which is altered by it. This results in higher number of appealing visuals. This leads to a higher immersive PvP experience for different players in a significant manner.

The type of details in the textures is not very high. However, they are known for their appeal.

4:55 2-1 – 3:51 2-2 – 0:13 2-3 – 3:07 2-4 – 3:22 2-5 – 3:49 2-6 – 3:21 2-7 – 3:11 2-8 – 4:31 2-9 – 3:15 2-10 – 3:09 2-11 – 3:16 2-12 – 6:19 2-13 – 3:14 2-14 – 3:38 2-15 – 3:16 2-16 – 4:11 2-17 – 3:51 2-18 – 2:58 2-19 – 3:54 2-20 – 2:44 2-21 – 3:41 2-22 – Feat. 1-1 – 5:39 1-2 – 4:31 1-3 – 3:25 1-4 – 3:07 1-5 – 2:35 1-6 – 3:19 1-7 – 3:33 1-8 – 3:09 1-9 – 3:20 1-10 – 3:41 1-11 – 3:16 1-12 – 3:03 1-13 – 2:55 1-14 – 3:36 1-15 – 4:19 1-16 – 3:04 1-17 – 2:42 1-18 – 3:04 1-19 – 2:44 1-20 – 3:29 1-21 – 2:53 1-22 – 3:22 1-23 – Feat. Nickelback greatest hits cd 2 zip line. 3:25 2-23 – Feat.

The pack comes with an X32 resolution which is higher in comparison to default. Due to this, the texture procures a smoother look. However, the pack is known to be more demanding on the system resources.


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