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Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti, Radha Yamudiki Mogudu Movie Video Songs, music Raj Koti, director Ravi Raja Pinisetty. Yamudiki Mogudu 1988 Video Songs.


Yamudiki Mogudu Audio Information: Cast And Crew: Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti, Radha Director: Raviraja Pinisetty Producer: Dasari Narayana Rao Music: Raj-Koti Album Bit Rate: 320/128kbps Language: Telugu Single Download Link Bahusa Ninnu Song – Singer: S.P. Balu, Susheela Ekku Bandekku Song – Singer: Mano, Susheela Vana Jallu Song – Singer: S.P.

Balu, Janaki Kannepillatoti Song – Singer: S.P. Balu, Janaki Andam Hindolam Song – Singer: S.P. Balu, Susheela, Chorus No No Natyamida Song – Singer: Balu, Chorus Zip Download Link 320 Kbps OR 128 Kbps Zip.

Contents • • • • • • Plot [ ] Kaali () is a small town goon who helps his neighbourhood with his earnings. He is good at heart and is loved by everyone in town. He works for Kotayya (), whose rival is Gollapudi. Once, when he goes to warn Gollapudi, he meets and falls in love with Radha (), Gollapudi's daughter. When they decide to marry even without Gollapudi's consent, he gets Kaali killed in an accident and Kaali goes to hell.

There, he challenges Yama () that he was brought wrongly and catches Chitragupta () red-handed for cheating. To correct the mistake, Yama and Chitragupta leave for Earth to find Kaali's body so he can return to Earth. Unfortunately Kaali's body has been cremated and Kaali refuses to enter another body. However, Yama and Chitragupta convince him to enter into the body of a person that is identical to him. Kaali refuses, taking heed to a warning by Vichitragupta (Velu).

They then show him Balu (Chiranjeevi) in a village and tell him it is his last option. Kaali learns that Balu was a soft-spoken and non-confrontational man who was often ill-treated by his family. Is his love interest.

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Balu's relatives plan to kill him on his 25th birthday as they have to hand over his property. This is when Kaali's soul is put into Balu's body and he plays black and blue with them. However, he remembers his own life once he sees Kotayya's photo in a newspaper and returns to the city. The rest of the plot is woven on how he balances the two lives and two girls, until Yama sees his determination and willingness to save all the people he loves. The film was recorded as an Industry Hit and grossed 5.6 crores at the box office. Cast [ ] • • • • • • • • • • • Soundtrack [ ] The Music Was Composed By and Released.

All Lyrics were penned. Yamudiki Mogudu. Released 1988 Recorded 1988 Length 26: 12 chronology Veguchukka Pagatichukka (1988) Yamudiki Mogudu (1988) (1988) Track list No. Title Singer(s) Length 1. 'Ekku Bandekku Mava', 4:21 2. 'Vanajallu Gillutunte', 4:43 3. 'Kanne Pillatoti', 4:45 4.

'Andam Hindolam', 4:47 5. 'Bahusha Ninu', 4:26 6.

'No No Natyamida', 3:10 Total length: 26:12 Box Office [ ] Movie became an industry hit collecting over 5.6 crore in share alone and thus becoming the first Telugu movie to collect a share of over 5 crores. References [ ].