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Hi Cathy I can probably help you with your second question regarding the VPN. But first I'd like to ask a few questions to narrow down the possible solutions that I have. • What operating system is your computer running, and the same question for the computer you are connecting to via the VPN? • When you connect via VPN, are you able to control the computer you are connected to (such as see the office computer's desktop and use its installed programs)? • If the answer to question 2 is 'yes', what e-mail program do you open on the office computer to access your e-mail?

Gvox Encore 5 0 2 Keygen Crack

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This should help me provide a more focused answer. Best regards nLinked Answered on Jul 23, 2009. Sounds like the hard drive has an issue.

Do you hear a very faint clicking sound when it tries to boot up? Put your ear near the front of the laptop, bottom of keyboard area and listen for a clicking sound. If you hear a click click click click sound repeating continuously, its a failing hard drive. If you hear ths sound, you will need to buy a replacement hard drive.

Replacing it is easy. Turn your laptop upside down and look for the small door that houses your hd. Unscrew the door and take hard drive out. Now you take this hard drive to Staples and ask them for a replacement. Once you know what you need, whether Sata or IDE hard drive, you can buy a replacement cheaply on eBay or buy it from any computer store.

Pop the hard drive back in and then you should be able to install a new operating system on the laptop. If you do not hear a clicking sound, then you may have a corrupted windows boot. Have you tried booting in safe mode?

As you turn the power on, hold down the f8 button. You will get a screen asking if you want to boot in safe mode. Select, safe mode with networking. If it boots normally in safe mode, you can then put in your windows cd and do a repair. If you cannot boot into safe mode, and you have tried replacing hard drive, but cd/dvd is still not working, then you may need o take it in or diagnostics. You can buy very cheaply on eBay, a connector that will allow you to connect your hard drive to another computer via USB.

This will allow you to test the hard drive and also possibly get data of of it, provided the hard drive is not too badly damaged. I hope this helps. Please ask any questions you might have. Answered 4 hours ago.