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Ilok 2 Emulator Download

This article is going to be going through setting up the newest version of the PACE iLok system. With this major update comes the requirement to install the iLok License Manager onto your computer - rather than using an online license host, like the previous version. The iLok setup system is the same across both PC and Mac (Intel Mac only). The iLok system is designed to store product licences for running virtual instruments, from brands such as,. Also support iLok as one of their three methods of authorisation. The iLok smart key enables you to carry all of your iLok-enabled software licenses with you wherever you go using a single key.

Please note: The is not to be confused with the system. The iLok is a different type of USB key and licenses which require one of these keys will not work on the other! So please ensure you have checked the System Requirements on a product page to see what licensing key your software requires (if it needs one at all!). The iLok License Manager now also allows for licences to be stored on either the iLok 1, or directly onto your computer, with no iLok key required. Please note: that the direct to computer, no iLok key, storage system is being introduced mostly into new released products, and may not be supported by older licenses - So don't go throwing out your iLok key just yet!

Please note: If you have not yet sent across your iLok license for your product, you will have either had instructions emailed to you or details will be included inside of your User Guide included with your product. This guide is covering the iLok registration process only. Downloading and Installing iLok Licence Manager First off, you will need to go to the and Sign In or create a free account. When creating your user account, ensure you create a User ID that you can remember, as this is a crucial part of the system and cannot be changed. It is also advisable to tick the 'Notify me about important updates' so you remain up to date.

From the home page of the iLok website, download and run/install the relevant iLok License Manager file (Mac OS X, Windows 32-bit or Windows 64-bit). If you have not yet, please now plug-in your USB iLok Key (if required). If you are using a desktop computer, it is best to plug the key in either via a back port (that you rarely use) or use a USB multi port extension box. Once you have installed the iLok License Manager, load the application and go to Sign In. You should now see your iLok user account as well as details about your computer and any iLok Keys that you currently have plugged in. Moving a License onto an iLok Key or Computer If you already have licenses within your iLok account, they should now be displayed in the main window. If you have not yet sent across your iLok license for your product, you will have either had instructions emailed to you or details will be included inside of your User Guide included with your product.

With your license selected in the main window 'UVI WaveRunner', for example, there are several ways to transfer the license (right-click, select 'Activate', or drag&drop onto your desired iLok key). Firstly, check the Valid Locations section to see what the license can be placed onto (dark grey) This license, for example, can be placed on either the iLok 1 or the iLok 2, but it cannot be stored directly onto the computer.

I now click and drag&drop the 'WaveRunner-UVI' license over my iLok key. When the license is dropped onto the destination, a Confirm Activation prompt should display, check to confirm that you selected the correct location, and press 'OK'. Kak vesti iz organizma disulfiram in alcohol. Now if you select your iLok Key on the left-hand side, the main window should then display all of the licenses that you specifically have on that key. You can replace your license from your key back into your main iLok account at any time (as long as you have the relevant iLok key plugged in!) by simply right-clicking the license name and selecting 'Deactivate'. - Deactivate sounds a bit permanent, but it just places the license back to your account! Please note: any iLok keys which are associated with your user account which are not currently plugged in will be displayed in the left-hand list, but it will be light-grey.