Jcd 201m Base Microphone Manual

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Wiring a JCD-201M mic to my Cobra 200 GTL DX - Cobra 200 GTL DX 4-Channels Base CB Radio. Posted by Anonymous on Nov 15. This is the Manual for the C148GTL. Posted on Apr 23, 2009. Wire a jcd-201m to a magnum base. OK Support Cobra Electronics Corporation. JCD 201M Base Microphone. SKU: JCD-201M; Shipping. [High] [Low] [Manual]; Manual Compression Control Knob [Minimum] ~ [Maximum].

Unless you have a Circuit diagram for that mic, the only real way is trial and error. Before I bought myself a Mic Tester () I used a set of wires with crocodile clips (clickable image below). Clip one lead to each color out of the Mic, then have a mic plug with open wires on it plugged into an old CB Radio. Usually it is easy to identfy the Mic's Earth/Common/Braid so that can be connected, then just go through the other wires looking for a Make/Break-on-PTT which will identify the TX and RX wires. Then it is just a guess which of the remaining one or two wires is the Mic Audio Feed. Thanks for your input Mike.When i got this mic i looked at the manual and it did tell me what wires did what.The problem started when i looked for the 4 pin diagram to a galaxy 949.


Hi this is for the jcd201m to galaxy 949 using the stock jcd201 mic lead and color coding ok it does not actually matter which wire is what color.but to save rewiring the whole lead just cut back the jcd lead and reconnect the brown wire to pin 2 things to remember here are this.the shield MUST be on the audio earth pin on any radio.the wire that has the shield wrapped around it MUST be the audio wire on any radio.any other wire can do any other job.ie the pink wire can be the up.down.rx.wire. Ok that said here we go disregard what color is what in the stuff you see on line.each 'tech' have their preference to what wire to use for what function.ie.not every red wire i is the tx wire in every mic(talking about stock from the factory mic wiring here).in some cases it can be the shielded audio wire that is red.in some mics i have seen it as the up wire or the dc voltage wire.

The thing that must stay standard is the shield connects to the audio earth and the shielded wire is the audio wire (if not then there will be rf feedback/hum issues.) ok down to the nuts and bolts of your problem wire as below the only things that matter to you is that tx is connected to tx(pin 4 of 8 pin to pin 3 of 4 pin). Audio is connected to audio (pin 2 of 8 pin to pin 2 of 4 pin) AUDIO earth (shield ) is connected to earth (pin 1 of 8 pin to pin 1 of 4 pin). PTT earth pin 3 of 8 pin is connected to pin 1 of 4 pin you will notice that both the shield (pin 1 of 8 pin (gray/grey) and the white wire (pin 3 of 8 pin )are both connected to pin 1 of the 4 pin plug.that is because in that chassis radio the ptt and audio earth are shared on the same pin. All the spare wires just tape them off in side the 4 pin plug as a side note the jcd201m mic it does go though battery's if not using the self power option from the rig (in your case there is no power feed on the galaxy plug) so remember to turn the mic off each night! If the time out timer (TOT) annoys you pm me and i will send you the mod to disable it (a wire link in the mic). I never used the variable gain on the mic i just used the low setting on the comp switch which was more than enough gain for most radios i used it on.icom.yaesu.optima.super jopix sj3000b.etc etc on the high setting it was very very loud.too loud.also for ssb /am work use the ssb setting on the pwr off/fm/ssb tone switch mike sent via my morse key and a door buzzer. Hi i had a play yesterday with a jcd cable wiring up one for a optima.the white wire is the shielded audio wire (no guarantees that yours will be the white wire).the thick black wire is actually the shield (has heat shrink on it).in answer to your question re the colors.to make it easier to i.d which wire is which purely that.cant have 7 white wires and shield in a 8 core lead can we!