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Office Starter 2010, a new edition of Office, replaced the low-end home productivity software, Microsoft Works. Microsoft's update to its mobile productivity suite,.

Microsoft office free full download

This is a product of Microsoft which is supported under various Microsoft windows operating systems which are; windows XP service pack 3, windows 7, windows 8, windows vista, windows server 2003 R2, windows server 2008, windows server 2008 R2 and windows server 2012.The main applications on office 2010 are; Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft excel, Microsoft access, Microsoft outlook, Microsoft one note and Microsoft publisher. It also has tools like Microsoft clip organizer, Microsoft 2010 Language preference, Microsoft 2010 upload center, Microsoft 2010, Microsoft office anytime upgrade and Digital certificate for VBA projects and picture manager. Each of these programs bear specific features that accomplish certain tasks thus; word is for reading, typing, and editing word format files, PowerPoint is used to create slideshows by editing templates. Microsoft access is a database creation and management tool, while Microsoft outlook is email hosting program. Microsoft excel is used to create spread sheets, One note is for notes creation and Publisher is used for publishing related tasks. The tools also have their specific purposes which are mostly self-explanatory for instance the picture manager is for viewing and editing pictures.

Generally this is a great application from Microsoft. I am one of the millions who use this potent productivity suite, and I think Microsoft Office has become a more rational software. I am quite impressed by the updates that MS has been making to their flagship suite.

In this version, MS office 2010 has gotten better than the previous editions. I like the new ribbon, it is now more approachable and easier to use. I can also make my own tabs, add tools and select an icon to use for the dropdown if there is not enough space to display all the icons. In addition, Excel is now more efficient and has new extra functions that help me visualize information. PowerPoint is also enhanced, with first-rate transitions and a simpler interface. All in all, Microsoft Office 2010 Professional is a smart upgrade, but it is quite expensive.

Nonetheless, it is a complete suite that brings an adequate and reasonable means to deal with our work life. It is also Powerful and resourceful enough to do lots of tasks. Imagine an office suite that can handle a variety of files including DOC, PPT, XLS, DOCX, and XLSX and be able to use more than four file formats including PDF and ODP? That is the superiority that comes with the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional.

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This suite is just a perfect office mix and enables users to be able to manage email addresses through outlook, process rich texts and be able to create databases. Besides having all the above mentioned function it gives users the freedom to download more different free add-ins to increase its functions capacities. Besides being very useful for offices this software is also very useful to students and trainees especially while preparing term papers and projects. It comes with a very intuitive interface that is very user friendly and has a great versatility. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional comes with easy to use templates which can be downloadable and can be used to add 3D effects, shadows and other visual elements in to already made documents. • for assignment please and viable docements.

Sometimes too for presentations and calculations on the excel platforms so i will be very glad if you will allow me to download it. • For my homework, take notes in my class, write,my tesis, create new documents, keep lirycs of songs, and so much things that i will need do. • for the official work and the school projects of my child because without it we can't make presentations and mark sheets for holiday homework • for office work use, i badly needed it now as of this Philippine time 12:19am, i refresh my laptop unfortunately i need to re install but i dont have cd • I would like to have it for all my documents excel, power point, outlook, publisher, access and alle the other things.

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