Osmotr Anesteziologa Blank

Osmotr Anesteziologa Blank

Contents • • • • • • Name [ ] The name Atossa (or Atusa) means 'the girl with beautiful legs'. It can also mean 'well trickling' or 'well granting'. Atossa is the (: Ἄτοσσα) form of the Old Persian name Utauθa. Her name in Avestan is Hutaosā. Life [ ] Atossa was born in 550 BC in.

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She was eldest daughter of Cyrus the Great and Cassandane. When defeated the followers of a man claiming to be (Smerdis), the younger brother of Cambyses II in 522 BC, he married Atossa. Atossa played an important role in the Achaemenid royal family, as she bore Darius the Great the next Achaemenid king,. Atossa had a 'great authority' in the Achaemenid royal house and her marriage with Darius I is likely due to her power, influence and the fact that she was a direct descendant of Cyrus.

Records in that Atossa was troubled by a bleeding lump in her breast. She wrapped herself in sheets and sought a self-imposed quarantine. Ultimately, a Greek slave,, persuaded her to allow him to excise the tumor. This is the first recorded case of. Was the eldest son of Atossa and Darius.

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Atossa lived to see. Being a direct descendant of Cyrus the Great, Atossa had a great authority within Achamenian imperial house and court. Atossa's special position enabled Xerxes, who was not the eldest son of Darius, to succeed his father. Literary references [ ]. The ghost of appears to Atossa in a scene from. Included her as a central character in his tragedy.

Atossa is also one of the major characters in the novel. Atossa is also included in Herodotus' The Histories and is shown to be a strong woman with a lot of influence. He even goes as far as to suggest that her wanting a Greek maiden was a reason for why Darius the Great decided to begin his campaign to Greece. In his history of cancer,, imagines Atossa traveling through time, encountering different diagnoses and treatments for her. Atossa becomes emblematic of cancer sufferers through history. Unipatch 1c 83 x64.


Legacy [ ] Minor planet discovered by, is named in her honor. Footnotes [ ].