Program Mengembalikan Data Yang Terhapus Di Handphone Oppo

Cara Mengembalikan File Yang Terhapus di Android. Bagi sebagian orang pasti memiliki data penting yang ia simpan baik itu di laptop, komputer ataupun pada Handphone. Dulunya orang banyak yang menyimpan data di Flashdisk namun akhir-akhir ini banyak virus-virus yang menyerang flashdisk dan juga tidak praktis.

Recover 7+ Types of Files on Android Android devices have become one of the most popular devices in digital life nowadays. So it is inevitable that unlimited files like phone numbers, email address, messages, holiday photos, music and more are saved in these portable devices. However, there are so many reasons which will result in data loss on your Android cell phones or tablets, then what will you do? Obviously, if you don't want to lose these data permanently, then you need to ask help from this professional Android Data Recovery program. With it, you can: • Restore the deleted contacts, SMS and call logs from your Android's internal memory and save them as HTML format on your computer. ( is required.) • Recover and save the media files stored in SD card, including photos, videos, audio and documents.

Program mengembalikan data yang terhapus di handphone oppo pc

• Retrieve the existing files on your Android to computer for viewing and backup, such as contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, audio and documents. Supports 2000+ Android Device Models & Various Android OS To be a good data recovery program for Android devices, one of the most important features will be the high compatibility. As it is known to all, Android phones & tablets have too many models and brands on the market, so MobiKin have added the latest technology into the program and tried the best efforts to test for hundreds of times to ensure it can support as many as Android mobile phones and tablets that we can.

• Work well with almost all Android devices manufactured by Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Google, Asus, Huawei, and so forth. (Detailed models are under the Tech Spec tab) • Support different Android OS versions well. Preview Detailed Contents before Recovery Previewing the data before recovery can make you check whether they are indeed what you want, so that you can avoid spending too much time to get back a batch of wrong files.

• Conveniently view the deleted or lost data since they are marked in red color. • Preview the detailed contacts list or text conversation in the program to decide which one is your target file and mark them for restoring with one click. You can refer to this guide to learn.

• Photos and videos can be viewed in a Thumbnail view mode, so that you can quickly find your target images and other media files as you like. Works Well As A Professional Backup Tool This Android Data Recovery softwot only works as the best Android Data Recovery program, but also performs well as the Android Backup program. That is mainly because this tool have the ability to scan and display both deleted and existing data on the Android phone or tablets.

You can select all your needed data and transfer them from your portable device to computer for backup. • Transfer or with a few clicks. • Not only existing files, but also deleted or lost data can be found and backed up on your personal PC easily. • No complex operation for backing up any Android data as you like.

MobiKin Doctor for Android is a multi-functional desktop application, that allows users to scan & get back the deleted, lost or formatted data like contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, documents, etc. From all kinds of Android phones or tablets as you like. Now, let's have a look of how to use the program from different aspects. First of all, you need download and install the program on your PC You can click the below icons to get the free trial version of the powerful Android Data Recovery software. But one thing you should pay attention is the free trial version only have the ability to scan and find your lost data, and if you wish to preview the detailed contents and restore them to computer, you have to get the full version.

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