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Dec 24, 2001 - Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D--id Software's first-person shooter that defined the. This is the Single Player version.

Kak praviljno namotatj drosselj. Return To Castle Wolfenstein (Single Player) - Best Download Best Action Games:: Return To Castle Wolfenstein (Single Player) Search: Return To Castle Wolfenstein (Single Player) Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D--id Software's first-person shooter that defined the genre--which was itself a follow-up to the beloved Apple II classic Castle Wolfenstein. Wolfenstein is primarily a run-and-gun shooter with some stealth sections mixed in.


Wolfenstein's 27 levels are spread across seven missions and feature a good variety of environments. The quality and detail of the levels' textures and lighting are uniformly excellent.

The weapon models, the character models, and the animations are also first-rate. Wolfenstein's sound effects are generally good, from the dull 'thock-thock-thock' of bullets striking the wooden table you're hiding behind to the appropriately varied noises made by footsteps on different floor materials. The multiplayer game is worth the price of admission. Bypassing the traditional deathmatch and capture-the-flag modes by not even including them, the author has implemented a team-based game that combines the best parts of Unreal Tournament's goal-oriented assault mode with the class distinctions of Team Fortress. Each map features a unique set of goals that must be accomplished in order for one side to win.

Each time you respawn, you can choose from four different classes. It has an amazing multiplayer component coupled with a good single-player game. Screenshot 1: Screenshot 2: Software Facts Platform: Windows 95/98/Me Status: Shareware Author: Size: 114.10 MB Downloads: 38426 times Last Updated: December 24th, 2001 Recommended Related Software • • • The products referenced in this site are provided by parties other than makes no representations regarding either the products or any information about the products. Any questions, complaints, or claims regarding the products must be directed to the appropriate manufacturer or vendor. Copyright ©1999-2015