Spice Girls Dvd Torrent

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I loved it when I was a kid because I loved the Spice Girls. That said, I wore out the VHS and now own it on DVD and still watch it all the time! A guilty pleasure even though it's just a blatant rip off of A Hard Day's Night, lol.

This extraordinary collection is the work of independent curator and visual artist Liz West, who is the foremost collector of Spice Girls memorabilia and merchandise in the World with over 5,000 individual items devoted to the band and a Guinness World Record to mark her achievement. The vast array of objects and ephemera within this impressive collection outline the success and impact the Spice Girls had upon popular music in the 1990’s. As the first manufactured all-female chart group by music mogul Simon Fuller, the Spice Girls spawned the phrase Girl Power. Replicated through the group’s songs and also their image and merchandise, Girl Power brought a new generation of feminism. The collection includes over 80 designer and hand-made outfits, jewellery and shoes all of which were worn by the Spice Girls in music videos, live concerts, on screen and at high profile public engagements.

Alongside these rare items, the collection showcases award discs from all over the world, unique endorsement items, sponsorship merchandise, official products and worldwide releases on vinyl, CD, cassette, VHS, DVD and other formats.