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Military Icons. Browse through Canva's collection of military icons and add a cool camo flair to your designs. Military Ranks, Game Icon, Secret Service, Game Ui, Game Design, Star Trek. Related Images To Teamspeak Rank Icons Game Icon, Game Ui, Stuffing,.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • Initialization Module Location Eden Editor: Systems (F5) > Modules > Other > Military Symbols Enable Icons Place 'Military Symbols' module and include the code following in the init line:: [param1,param2]; Set up Module Set variables to BIS_marta_mainscope with desired values • rules =; - custom settings which defines how will be each side/faction shown. Array contains of array in format [,]. Prefix is one of NATO marker prefixes ('b_' for BLUFOR,'o_' for OPFOR or 'n_' for NEUTRAL) and markercolor is color of marker from CfgMarkerColors.

If number of array items is 4, it's applied to sides. Otherwise it's applied to factions. Icon name consists of prefix and name. Prefix is used to define side and can be one of followings: b_. Neutral Name defines purpose of the icon. See picture on the right or code below to get visual list of icons: --- Currently used --- inf - Infantry motor_inf - Motorized infantry mech_inf - Mechanized infantry armor - Armored platoon air - Rotary wing aircraft maint - Maintanance group hq - Headquarters supply - Supply convoy plane - Fixed wing aircraft art - Artillery mortar - Mortar med - Medical recon - Reconnaisance team uav - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle empty - Unknown For example, to set icon of enemy artillery, use prefix o_ and type art to get o_art icon type.


Dsa 4 1 regelwerk pdf to word. Icons are defined in cfgGroupIcons section.

Military Courtesy Military courtesy is one of the defining features of a professional military force. Military courtesy is an extension and a formalization of courtesies practiced in everyday life. It is intended to reinforce discipline and the chain of command, defining how soldiers will treat their superiors and vice versa. Due to the limitations we face with TeamSpeak and ArmA we developed our own system of Military courtesy to overcome the before mentioned limitations. Military Courtesy in TeamSpeak and In Game The TeamSpeak is our base, our barracks and our offices. Because of the obvious downfall of not always seeing who enters a channel we enforce signing in and out of channels. This simple system lets everyone in any channel know who just entered the room and how to react.

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Signing in and out of channels is a very simple task. Every time you join a channel you will wait a second to see if someone is talking, and if not you will sign in properly. Same thing goes for leaving a channel. Wait until people stop talking and sign out properly.

The proper ways to sign in and out are described below. To sign into a channel you will say: ' RANK Lastname signing in' or short ' RANK Lastname in' To sign out of a channel you will say: ' RANK Lastname signing out' or short ' RANK Lastname out' The only exception to this rule are the Operation and Training Channel into which you NEVER sign in our sign out of. Addressing NCO's, WO's and Officers Now that you know how to sign in and out of a channel it is important that you learn how to address soldiers in different branches.