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Learn About Chess Games What is Chess? Chess is a two-player board game with an emphasis on strategy.

A chessboard contains 8 rows (“ranks”) and 8 columns (“files”). The squares of a chessboard alternate in color between light and dark. The board is positioned so that each player has a light-colored square on the right-hand corner of the nearest rank.

Chess Setup Each player begins the game with 8 pawns, 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, a queen, and a king. One player’s pieces are black and the other’s are white.

Chess free PC game to download. Chess will help to improve your chess skills and become a better tournament or casual chess player. Nov 8, 2018 - Download game catur untuk PC – Catur atau chess merupakan sejenis permainan olahraga. Download Game Gratis Zuma Untuk Hp Mito.


The pieces are initially positioned in front of the player in two rows. The second row from the player contains the pawns.

The other pieces are arranged on the row nearest to the player. The center two squares hold the king and queen; the queen is placed on the square which matches the player’s color (thus the white queen is on a light-colored square and the black queen is on a dark-colored square). Substation earthing design. The bishops are placed in the empty squares next to the king and queen. The knights are placed on the empty squares next to the bishops. Finally, a rook is placed on each end of the row.

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Movement and Capturing Each type of piece has its own unique movement. A pawn may only move forward one square at a time (except for its first move, when it may advance by one or two squares). Rooks may move an unlimited number of squares vertically or horizontally; bishops may move an unlimited number of squares diagonally. The queen may move an unlimited number of squares in any direction. The king may move one square in any direction.

The knight may be moved to any of the 8 nearest squares not on the same rank, file, or diagonal. Its movement is thus shaped like the letter “L”: two squares in one direction and then one square to the side. Only knights may “jump over” other pieces. Pieces must be moved to an empty square unless the player wishes to capture an opponent’s piece. In that case, he moves his piece into the square occupied by the piece to be captured and removes the latter from the board. All pieces capture in the same way that they move except the pawn, which may only capture by moving one square diagonally, never by moving forward. There are also certain special moves, such as castling, capturing a pawn “en passant,” and promoting a pawn to another piece.

End of the Game “Check” means that one player’s king is in a position such that it will be captured in the opponent’s next turn if it is not moved. The goal of chess is to force the opponent’s king into a situation in which it is in check, and also cannot move without going into check. This is called “checkmate” and concludes the game. There are also other possible endings to a game of chess, such as one player resigning, or both players agreeing to a draw. The History of Chess Chess evolved in medieval Europe out of earlier games from India and the Middle East.