Tv Plagini Dune 102

Using TV-101 firmware on TV-201, TV-301, TV-102p models Exchanging firmware between TV-102 and Connect models Differences between TV-102 (tv102) and TV-102p (hdtv_102p) models.

Software As of media player testing the actual software revision «1_b9» has been installed. In Internet network there are many thorough reviews of Dune HD media player program shell, therefore we shall only dwell on general description and some key points. Certainly the ample opportunities for interface setting remain. In the first place there is possibility of localization. For truth’s sake I mention that the Russian localization has been faultlessly made for the whole 100%.

And English words slip out sometimes in Ukrainian localization. Ukrainian localization level would be estimated in 85% by me. Certainly second plus in the setting of appearance is possibility of themes choice. Here it is you are able to act with user`s themes. In this software revision «Silver» theme is used on default. Main menu represents carousel of 10 sections: Dune Store (applications shop), TV, Video, Radio and Music, News and weather, Social network, Games, Applications, Sources, Selected, Settings.

This menu structure is easy and intuitively clear to common user. Cold start (after power supply has been turned on into socket) takes approximately 40 seconds.

It is not too little. Using standby mode, the starting interval decreases to one, two seconds. The response to pressing «Power» key on remote control could be selected in settings. Two options are offered such as either complete shutdown, or transition to standby mode.

The “standby” mode is used as default. Dune Store (applications shop) Instead of «shop» word, all applications in Dune Store are free. Main task of Dune Store is to simplify search and installation of applications for user. As before shop sections are copying structure of the main menu. But unlike previous versions “Community” item appears in many sections. It is collected user`s applications for access both to IPTV of all main Ukrainian providers, and to popular file hosting services and video portals. File manager Integrated file manager is easy, intuitive and functional, it is possible to copy, move, rename files and folders.

And it is even able to format information carriers. Control from iOS and Android Free Dune HD RC (for / for ) application allows not only to act as wireless remote control, but also to view audio/video files from mobile device on TV set screen. The only stipulation is that mobile device and Media Player have to be under the same wireless network.

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Free mp4 video songs download Dune HD Ultra 4K is the flagship next-generation premium full-sized 4Kp60 HDR media player and Android Smart TV box with Hi-End video quality, BD3D support, HD audio support, HDMI input, 3.5' HDD rack, 2nd audio-only HDMI output, Hi-End audio DAC (ESS ES9038PRO), Hi-Fi analog audio outputs, built-in headphones amplifier, dual Hi-End R-type power transformers, Hi-End components, very advanced connectivity. For audiophiles, this model includes Hi-Fi analog audio outputs based on ESS flagship SABRE PRO Hi-End audio DAC (ES9038PRO), which gives extraordinary sound quality with industry’s highest dynamic range of 140dB and extremely low distortion. Built-in XMOS audio processor provides bit-perfect audio processing with original sample rate, reclocking, and ultra-low jitter. Music in the most advanced DSD (Super Audio CD) format can be played with the best possible quality due to Direct DSD support. The DAC can output analog audio to high-quality RCA connectors, professional balanced XLR connectors, and built-in headphones amplifier.