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Wurth WOW Snooper 5.00.8 R2 Diagnostic Software Donwload + keygen + Installation Video Wurth WOW Snooper Download software + Keygen + Installation Video for tool - wurth wow, other tools we don't know and not sure. Wurth WOW Snooper provides a number of functions for diagnosis, repair and maintenance of electronic systems, including read and erase error codes, the performance of active testing, coding, and recruitment of immobilizer and electronic components, reset periods and eobd diagnostic, etc. Requirements: - System: windows xp, windows vista, windows 7, windows 8,(32-bit and 64 bit windows (10). Cpu: intel pentium / 1.8 ghz or higher ram: 256 mb of system memory hard drive: 5 gb of space available dvd - rom Wurth WOW Snooper Main Menu (Home Screen) The Start screen is the starting point. All the functions of the device are called up via this screen. 1 Status bar 2 Vehicle selection see („Vehicle Selection (Button 2)“ on page 16) 3 Vehicle Selection Last 100 see („Vehicle Selection Last 100 (Button 3)“ on page 30) 4 Help see („Help (Button 4)“ on page 31) 5 Settings see („Settings (Button 5)“ on page 31) 6 Navigation bar Wurth WOW Snooper Settings: Press this button to call up the setting possibilities of the iQ 50.

The settings can be called up and changed at any time. Changes are saved automatically.

The following setting possibilities are available: Settings iQ 50 Language selection Audio Display brightness Reset to factory settings Update software Sleep mode Automatic shutdown Time Date Tyre pressure Tyre temperature Sensor ID format Sensor part number EZ sensor part number Vehicle license plate Wurth WOW Snooper Quick Start 1. Enter the vehicle data in iQ 50 2.

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