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Dunno, but the press likes it: Steve Douglas says: *Learning how to use the Motype text animation plug in will be an experimental, figure out, and learn process. Having spent the better part of the day mix and matching the various parameters trying to figure out how they did or did not work together was a bit of a chore and grew to be more complicated than would be necessary had a decent manual and tutorial of any kind been provided.* *My bottom line on the Yanobox Motype plug in is that the many presets provided may just be all that you need to add a brilliant touch to the opening and closing texts of your project. Noise Industries offers many packages of FX plug ins and you are free to pick and choose which ones are best for you. In the past, I have always found that just about all of them were of the finest quality.

Motype is offered with a free 15 day trial and I would encourage you to take them up on the offer. It might just be what you have needed.* bogiesan. A friend of mine uses it and I was blown away with some of the stuff he was able to create with Motype.

Yanobox Motype. The most unique titling plug-in on the market. Apple Final Cut Pro X plugins. Final Cut Pro Apple Motion plugins Motion.

So I ended up buying it last night. Now I can't seem to get it to show up in either FCP or Motion. I am thinking I may have dragged it into the wrong folder. If anyone knows how to install it so it shows up in FCP and Motion please let me know. Being as though its a plugin I have mine set up like this: Mac drive>Library>Application Support>Final Cut Pro System support>Plugins>Motype.fxpack I did download the FX Factory software that you need to run Motype as well but can't seem to get it to show up. Hi, You have to first download install FxFactory, and then download Motype and install it also.

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You do not have to drag anything anywhere. Both FxFactory and Motype have installers that will place everything where it needs to be automatically. After successful installation you will have to restart your host applications (FCP/Motion/AE etc.) The next time you start your host application, Motype should show up under: Generators -> Yanobox -> Motype If you are still having troubles, please email support@noiseindustries.com Hope this helps, Niclas Noise Industries. Good to see Motype are listening to their customers. There are a lots of great things about Motype and it has the makings of a fantastic plug-in but it's not all good.yet.

There is definitely a feeling of being boxed in in terms of what you can apply it to. So far I've only been using it within Final Cut Pro, so perhaps there's more you can do with it within Motion, but it appealed to me precisely because it seems like a great way to avoid keyframes. For instance, I've just been trying to make one word in a phrase a different colour to the rest and I couldn't do it. So if you want to animate a company logo (replicated within Motype, not an image file) that has different colours/letters within the phrase/logo, the only way I can see for you to do it you'd have to do two separate animations and put one over the other, in which case using Livetype/Motion don't seem too much hassle after all.

The kerneling issue is annoying for similar reasons. If you want an individual letter or word to be bigger/smaller, or to move it a little to the side, you can't do it. There is tracking of course, but it affects the whole word/phrase. I'd also like to see a bigger range of options for particles and the cyclorama. For $99 I'd also expect instructions that actually explain what every feature is - but the web pages assume far too much knowledge on the part of the user.

Yanobox monotype serial download free

I'm experienced with Final Cut Pro, but Motype appeals to people like me who'd rather avoid the hassle of Livetype/Motion, so the chances are many people who use it will be like me and not necessarily familiar with the features on offer. After seeing the Motype videos and tutorials I was really intent on buying it, and still might in the faith that there are going to be improvements in further free updates, but I'm not 100% sure the price is fully justified at this point. I could see myself using it for the odd thing, but too often I'd feel there isn't enough control to get what I'm after. Apple Footer • This site contains user submitted content, comments and opinions and is for informational purposes only.