Doppler Concerto For Two Flutes Program Notes Haydn

Piccolo and Piano Amlin: Sonata Amlin: Sonatina Piccolo Beaser: Souviners Benshoof: Spindrift Benshoof: Timeless Bliss: Rima Briccialdi: La Petite Anglaise, Op. 74 Brickett: Mocking Bird Christensen: Piccolo Espagnol Couperin: Le Rossignol en Amour Cronin: Portraits Damare: La Tourterelle, Op. 119 Damare: Le Roitelet Damare: Le Rossignol de L’Opera Damare: Piccolo Polka, Op.

157 Damare: Tarentelle, Op. 391 Damare: Third Grand Solo, Op. 410 Damm: Through the Air Daugherty: The High and Mighty Dorff: Flash!

Franz And Carl Doppler: Concerto For 2 Flutes / Gallois, Seo. Notes and Editorial Reviews. The Doppler brothers’ flute music has a reputation for being fun.

Dorff: Sonatine de Giverny Elliot: Fantasy Feld: Sonatina for Piccolo and Piano Furstenberg: L’Oiseau des Bois, Op. 18 Genin: Fantasie sur “Il Pleut, Il Pleut Bergere” Hoover, Three Sketches Johnson: Wind in the Pines Kelly: Suite for Piccolo Kelly: Passage Kennedy: Desplazamiento Kujala: Eurythmionics LaMontaine: Sonata, Op. 61 Le Thiere: L’Oiseau Du Bois Le Thiere: L’Alouette des Champs (The Sky Lark) Lombardo: Winsey Moore: The Merry Linnet Mower: Sonata for Piccolo and Piano Musgrave: Piccolo Play Poulenc: Villanelle, FP 74 Presser: Rondo Schocker: Piccolo Italiano Schocker: Piccolo Sonata Scott: Four Danses Schocker: Sonata for Piccolo and Piano S harp: Piccolo Sonatina Shostakovich: Polka, Op. 22 Shostakovich: Prelude and Fugue in G, Op.

87 / 3 Tchaikovsky: March Miniature Telemann: Sonata in F Major Tsontakis: Fervore. Flute and Piccolo Concerti Amlin: Concerto for Piccolo C.P. Bach: Concerto in D Minor J. Bach: Suite in B Minor, BWV 1067 J. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, BWV 1049 Bloch: Suite Modale Boccherini: Concerto in D Major Borne: Carmen Fantasy Broughton: Piccolo Concerto Chaminade: Concertino Devienne: Concerto No.


2 in D Major Devienne: Concerto No. 7 in E Minor Doppler: Fantasie Pastoral Hongroise Dorman: Concerto for Piccolo Gluck: Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits Goddard: Suite, Op. 116 Griffes: Poem Hanson: Serenade Haydn: Concerto in D Major Ibert: Concerto Khachaturian: Concerto Kennedy: Desplazamiento Liebermann: Concerto for Flute Liebermann: Concerto for Piccolo, Op. 50 Martin: Ballade McKimm: Celtic Concerto for Piccolo and Orchestra Mercadante: Concerto in E Minor Mozart: Andante in C Major, K.

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315 Mozart: Concerto No. 1 in G Major, K. 313 Mozart: Concerto No.

2 in D Major, K. 314 Mozart: Concerto for Flute and Harp, K.

299 Nielsen: Concerto Pergolesi: Concerto in G Major Quantz: Concerto in G Major Reinecke: Concerto Telemann: Suite in A Minor Vivaldi: Piccolo Concerto in A Minor, F. 9 Vivaldi: Piccolo Concerto in C Major, F. 4 Vivaldi: Piccolo Concerto in C Major, F. 5 Vivaldi: Various Flute Concerti Kate also enjoys performing the many “Bird” pieces written for piccolo and Band.

For these choices, please contact Kate directly! Flute and Piano Amlin: Sonata C.P. Bach: Sonatas J.S. Bach: Sonatas Barber: Canzone Barrere: Nocturne Bartok: Suite Paysanne Hongroise Boehm: Grand Polonaise Boehm: Variations on a German Air Boehm: Nel Cor Piu, Op.

Description Doppler Concerto in D minor for 2 flutes & piano Doppler Concerto in D minor for 2 flutes & piano Billaudot Instrumentation • Part 1: Flute • Part 2: Flute • Part 3: Piano Composer and virtuoso flautist, Albert Franz Doppler (1821-1883) was born in Poland. He wrote an array of ballets and operas but was best known for his flute music. In 1828, Franz Doppler began studying the flute with his father, Joseph Doppler and later formed a flute duo with his younger brother Karl.

Doppler concerto for two flutes program notes haydn sheet music

The Doppler brothers proceeded to tour Europe as a flute duo for many years, performing a number of their own arrangements which proved popular with audiences. Both brothers became members of the Orchestra of the German Theatre, Budapest.

Alongside their touring, they also founded the Hungarian Philharmonic Orchestra. Franz Doppler was Principal flautist at the opera in Budapest and deputy conductor. He then became chief conductor of the Vienna Court Opera as well as Professor of Flute and the Vienna Conservatoire.

Franz Doppler composed an array of virtuosic pieces for flute including flute duets, concertos and showpieces. Many of his works include Russian and Hungarian elements as well as operatic themes. If you have any queries, please call All Flutes Plus on 020 7388 8438 (UK) or + 8438 (International) Product Delivery • All Flutes Plus accessories are dispatched within the UK by Royal Mail unless otherwise requested with a standard flat-rate of £2.50 per package. • All Flutes Plus endeavour to dispatch your order by return and availability of stock if received before 2.30pm. • For delivery outside the UK a secure courier service is used for overseas shipment.

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