Game Captain Tsubasa Ps2 For Pc Tanpa Emulator Download

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Captain Tsubasa is an iconic Anime and Manga series based on Football / soccer. It was popular back in the day. It is brought back to life in form of a 3D game. Captain Tsubasa Dream Team is an action-packed soccer game true to anime style. Now those who have watched any sports anime know that there is lot of drama and special kind of skills involved.

Just like that, Captain Tsubasa has lot of special skills and movements to enjoy. Moreover, most of gameplay is theatrical. It is not a normal football game where players actually control players, pass and shoot. Rather, it is like a card / turn based game. The gameplay of Captain Tsubasa Dream Team is not suitable for everyone. However, the anime fans are going to love it. In each team, there are 11 players.

Game Captain Tsubasa Ps2 For Pc Tanpa Emulator Download

The manager, you, gets to choose formation and tactics. Moreover, since it is a “dream team” therefore, it does not matter which players are in team. Make a combination of any of players available in game. Since each player has a special trait, therefore, make sure to use the best possible combinations based on game and not style.

Game captain tsubasa ps2 for pc tanpa emulator download windows 10

In actual game, players view the little circles moving around pitch. As soon as two circles / players are about to run into each other, both players select skill to use in that moment.

The skills are selected via on-game menu bar shown at bottom. The player with better skill wins the ball and moves on. Once ball is won, that player can move towards goal after defeating as many players that come into way as possible. At the end, execute special moves like Tiger shot, Drive shot and more. Even the keeper can pull of special moves. All of these moves are taken from the original anime series.

Since these are shown in 3D this time, it is even more fun to watch. Captain Tsubasa Dream Team online game mode is PvP. It means that players match up against each other in real-time matches.

These players are from all over the world. However, if someone does not like multiplayer Captain Tsubasa Dream Team, then head over to story mode. Luckily, it follows original story from middle school days of Tsubasa. Since it is released for Android and iOS, therefore, computer and laptop users may also play Captain Tsubasa Dream Team for PC. These methods work for both Windows and Mac machines. In order to install Captain Tsubasa Dream Team for PC, either install Bluestacks 3 on Windows or Bluestacks on Mac.