Db Technologies Opera 415 Manual Transmission

Hi all, First, I dont post much, but have been lurking for quite a while. I appriciate this board and the wealth of information that I have aquired while surfing here. I enjoy reading what everyone has to say.

To get to the point, in my search for a very small and lightweight powered sub, I came across a DB Technologies Sub12. I have been trying to find the smallest, most compact and portable powered sub that can still have decent output for very small crowds of 50 or so. This is the smallest sub that I have come across to date. It looks like it has decent specs for its size. 400 watts, 42 lbs.

6 user reviews on dB Technologies Opera 415. Jmm061048's review (This content has been automatically translated from French). DB Technologies Opera. Db Technologies Opera 415 Schematic >>>CLICK HEREDb Opera 415. Opera 415 Service Manual. DB technologies: The sound of experience. Products, Support, News, Video, Downloads, About Us, Contacts Demo day in Ljubljana. That leads to things like octa-core CPUs in the.

I've looked and read about all the smaller subs that everyone here has talked about. Yorkville, (200p, 700p, 720p) EV (SB2a's), JBL (Eon 518s), etc. I also did some research on the small powered sub that Al Poulin posted.

(Wharfdale Titan Series I think). I even considered the Danley TH-mini with an amp, but I dont want to go that route. Anyway, I'm not in any hurry to pull the trigger. I just want to know if anyone has had any experience with this sub. Maybe there are some that have no direct experience with this particular unit, but have used some of the other similar subs (the 15's and the 18's) that DB Technologies makes. Maybe some of you have favorable reviews of the larger units. Maybe DB technologies is just horrible altogether.

Thanks in advance!! I have been using 2 dB Technologies Sub18Ds for a few months now.

Cilpaq qiz sekilleri. -they go low, but they lack in the upper bass range, 60-80Hz. I'm always boosting ~63Hz to fill out the mix a little. -They are compact.

For their size the output is good, but they are not the compact super sub the specs suggest. They don't produce results of a $1600 active sub.

DB is stretching their 134dB peak spec. -while the dual pole mount is nice, the dual handle positioning makes them awkward to pick up solo. - I run aux fed subs, 90Hz low pass is nice. Switchable freq low pass is a bonus. -the handles are plastic and flex when you pick the sub up. -I have run the speakers at clip all night and they have never sputtered. -construction is OK, the dB multi-ply stuff is light, but thin feeling.

You don't get a solid sounding knock when you thwack the subs. -the paint chips if you look at them wrong. For small rooms with small crowds they work alright with some EQ.

Their size makes them very portable, but the price to output/sound quality ratio is hard to swallow once you fire them up. My passive LS608s sound better and rock harder when mixing bands.

Db technologies opera

I'm keeping the Sub18Ds around for the micro gigs and little house parties that come up, but i have moved on to something beefier for the typical 200 person loud rock shows. I have other subs. Im just looking for the smallest sub I can find.

I have a very small Yamaha Stagepas 300 that I use for very small gigs. I bought it because sometimes I get friends or family that want me to bring music (I'm a DJ) to the pool party or BBQ, and I didnt want to haul out all the gear. I've gotten lazy and have done some smaller functions with the stagepas 300 and now want to use it as much as I can for the smaller gigs where I dont need a lot of volume. The stagepas just doesnt have enought bass for my tastes, even at lower volumes. So, I'm looking to pair a sub or two with it. I've looked very closely at Yorkville for probably a year and almost pulled the triger at one point.

Since then, I have found this DB speaker and wanted to know if anyone has used it. I'd love to hear the DB Technologies Arena Pro SW18 (not to be confused with their standard Arena series) subs, definately. They're loaded with 18' RCF drivers and are rated at 1,000watts rms. Plus the specs say they go down very low indeed.

Ts just a pitty that no-one in th uk has them on demo. There's only about 1 shop in the whole of the uk that even stock them.


I know this because before I got my JBL SRX728 sub I was heavily thinking about going for 4 Arena Pro SW18 subs. DB Technologies is the sister company of RCF.