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Released October 1, 1994 – April 1, 1995 Runtime 45 minutes (each) Episodes 3 Alternative titles • Gatchaman 94 • Techno Ninja Gatchaman Gatchaman ( ガッチャマン) is a three-part (OVA) based on the popular 1970s. It was released in Japan and the United States during the mid-1990s. This version of Gatchaman is set in the year 2066 where the evil leader of the nation of Hontwall is threatening to take over the planet. Scientists from the International Science Organization are disappearing and only five teenage heroes, the Science Ninja team, can stop the disaster. The OVAs were licensed by through and were released on VHS and DVD.

At 2013, had announced that they have rescued the OVA series along with the original 1970's series for a DVD re-release in October. The series was made available for streaming through. The series was originally dubbed by Harmony Gold and Urban Vision, however, Sentai Filmworks produced a new English dub in 2013 for their DVD and Blu-ray re-release to match the uncut TV series dub. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • Plot [ ] # Title Original Airdate 1 'The Dragon King' Transcription: ' Gatchaman Vs.

Turtle King' (: ガッチャマン VS タートルキング) October 1, 1994 ( 1994-10-01) An enormous dragon-shaped warship decimates a city with plasma beams and giant robotic arms. Its target is the Mantle Plan, a network unifying the world's energy resources.

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G-Force was superior to BOTP in terms of interpreting the original Gatchaman series in English. Gatchaman - Complete Collection [TV + OVA] (DVD) 2013-10-29 Gatchaman - The Legend Begins. Gatchaman - Ova Collection. Contains all 3 OVA episodes. Official Authentic Region 1 (For USA / Canada DVD players) from Sentai Filmworks. The audio is Japanese with English subtitles for Seasons 2-3 and English. And Japanese with English subtitles for.

As the sinister ship heads for its next target a team of specialists rise to the rescue: the Gatchaman. Piloting their ship, the Phoenix, the Gatchaman launch a counterattack. Once inside the enemy ship they come face to face with the Galactor's entire army of assassins. 2 'The Red Specter' Transcription: ' Secret Red Impulse' (: 謎のレッドインパルス) January 1, 1995 ( 1995-01-01) The Gatchaman are in trouble and receive help from a mysterious group known as Red Impulse. While cruising near a strange island a submarine is vaporized by a large blast.

Summoned to avenge the attack the Gatchaman Group comes upon the secret undersea headquarters of the alien Galactor. In a fierce air and undersea battle the Gatchaman struggle against the Galactor's Jupiter Death Brigade and the evil Black Bird Battalion, before decisively defeating them. Battered by combat, the Gatchaman appear to be on the brink of defeat when, out of the sky, a new force appears led by a mysterious warrior in red. 3 'The Final Countdown' Transcription: ' Final Count 0002' (: ファイナルカウント0002) April 1, 1995 ( 1995-04-01) The Gatchaman have to confront Solaris in a final battle to save the earth. The huge mechanical devices installed at each of the Galactor's bases are infiltrating the Earth's interior, disrupting weather patterns and transforming the Earth's landscape into an environment hostile to the human race. In the midst of these disasters Joe is beginning to regain his childhood memories and must deal with the realization that he may be descended from the blood of his enemies. Joe decides to use his knowledge of the Galactor society to help save the human race.


Brgy dela paz pasig city zip code. Joe single-handedly infiltrates the Galactor headquarters and manages to transmit its coordinates to the Gatchaman moments before he is captured by Solaris and his henchman. Meanwhile the Gatchaman group teams up with Red Impulse to attack the Galactor's home base – it's a brutal fight to the death in which both the Gatchaman and the Red Impulse will pay the ultimate price. In the post-credits, it turns out that the Gatchaman team survived thanks to a miracle. (in Japanese). Retrieved 2009-07-12. Anime News Network. Retrieved 2014-01-06.

Archived from on 2008-11-22. Retrieved 2010-07-30. Anime News Network. Retrieved 25 May 2013. Anime News Network. Retrieved 25 May 2013. Retrieved 2013-08-25.

Retrieved 2008-07-13. Archived from on 2012-08-01. Retrieved 2008-06-21. Further reading [ ] • G-Force: Animated (: ) External links [ ] • (anime) at 's encyclopedia • on • at •.

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